Forum "Wines of German-speaking regions"
Moscow, October 24, 2022. Ladoga hall, WTC
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Forum "Wines of German-speaking regions"
Moscow, October 24, 2022. Ladoga hall, WTC
Our idea to gather the wines from German spoken regions, to show their common cultural, historical and stylistic context

Germany, Austria, Trentino – Alto Adige (Italy), Alsace (France), as well as partly Luxembourg and Switzerland – all of them is a geographical area with historical winemaking, which is united by not only German language on the wine bottles and the German names of producers but something more.

We decided to united wines from these regions in one place and meet them closer in a general context and, probably, develop new approaches to working with them.

Target audience and format

Visitors - professionals from Moscow and the regions. 500 guests are expected, including:

  • Sommeliers
  • Retail and hotel industry buyers
  • Restaurateurs
  • Experts and journalists

The format of the Forum is a live platform with three zones:

  • «Networking» – salon
  • «Practicum» – master classes
  • «Hedonism» – food corner
The program will be divided into three main zones according to the method of communication with forum visitors:


Salon will give an opportunity to communicate directly with distributors and producers, to taste their new products


A master class will allow you to delve deeply into the subtleties of similar stylistic features of white and red wines of German-speaking regions


Food corner will allow you to meet closer with the culinary traditions of German-speaking regions

Monday, October 31
MASTER-CLASS, PART 1. Whites from the single vineyards», speaker – Vlada Lesnichenko (by appointment)
MASTER-CLASS, PART 2. «Reds from the single vineyards», speaker – Vlad Volkov (by appointment)
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Ключевые партнёры
The team is professionals in the area of international wine marketing
The team is professionals in the area of international wine marketing, who have extensive experience in organizing wine events.
Our strengths are a unique expertise in working with German–speaking regions and an extensive contact base.
Tatiana Leskovskaya

Brand management in wine and strong spirits from 2006; SMM and promotion, influence marketing

Oksana Baydakova

Event manager, events for Wines of Germany Russia, German Tourism Office and international hotel chains

Tatjana Boehm

Germanist, from 2018 to June 2022 – Director of the representative office of Wines of Germany Russia

Vlada Kirillina

Marketing and marketing management in alcohol from 2006; PR, events, SMM

Natalja Shulakova

PR, promotion, Digital, SMM more than 15 years, key area – culture, wine and HoReCa projects including federal projects, Riesling Weeks arranging with Wines of Germany team

Natalja Shulakova

PR, marketing

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Vlada Kirillina

Exhibitors and partners

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Oksana Baydakova

Event managment

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Tatiana Leskovskaya

PR, marketing and partners

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Tatjana Boehm

General coordination and exhibitors

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